The disposal of used tyres in the UK is a significant issue that could literally be costing us the earth.

Every day in Britain over 100,000 worn tyres are taken off cars, vans and trucks accounting for a total of around 50 million tyres (480,000 tonnes) per year.

The properties that make tyres safe and durable during their lifetime also makes them difficult to dispose of in a manner that is environmentally friendly.

For years they were dumped in landfills or incinerated with other waste material both of which caused harm to the environment but this practice was banned in 2006.

The End Journey is looking to use a known and proven technology called pyrolysis. Developed in the 1970’s the process in simplicity, recovers the core components from the breakdown of the tyre. This is achieved by exposing the material to high temperatures and in the absence of oxygen goes through chemical and physical separation into different molecules resulting in delivery of Oil, Carbon Black & Steel.

This process is used and approved across the world and is far safer, cleaner and more environmentally friendly than other disposal methods being used today.

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